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Women's Health Test Package

You take care of everything else—let us help you take care of you.

Men's Health Test Package

Strength, health and vitality. If it’s important to you, so are the measures that help you achieve it.

General Health Test Package

A clear view of what matters to bring your health into perspective.

Expanded Wellness Test Package

You want more from your health screening. We get it—that’s why we offer it.

Vitamin Deficiency Blood Test

Are you getting enough of these essential vitamins? Let’s find out.

Anemia Blood Test Package

Feeling sluggish? Anemia could be to blame.  

Liver Health Test Package

Learn how the body’s largest internal organ works to keep you healthy.

Thyroid Health Test Package

Concerned your thyroid isn't working correctly? Find out for sure.  

Kidney Health Test Package

Your kidneys may be small, but their function can reveal a lot about your health.

Measles Immunity Test

Stop worrying about measles—find out if you’re protected. 

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) Test

Interested in testing your hormones? Consider starting with your thyroid.

Blood Type

There are eight different blood types—discover yours.

Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Immunity Test

Measles, Mumps, and Rubella—Discover if you're protected from all three. 

Total Testosterone Blood Test

When it comes to a man’s sexual health and vitality, there isn’t a measure that matters more.

Calcium Blood Test

Beyond building strong bones, calcium is essential to your health.

Vitamin D Blood Test

Are you getting enough of nature’s sunshine vitamin? Let’s find out.

Albumin:Creatinine Ratio

Want a better understanding of your kidney health? This test is a good start.

Inflammation (hs-CRP) Test

Inflammation is one of your body’s most powerful tools for fighting injury and infection.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

Your metabolism holds the key to your health.

Complete Blood Count

Want a clear view of your health? It begins in your blood.

Heart Health Package

Start with your heart— it’s the powerhouse of your cardiovascular system after all.

Routine Urine Analysis

Helps screen for a variety of conditions including kidney disease and diabetes

Ferritin Blood Test

Iron is incredibly crucial to your health—and so is how well your body stores it.

Diabetes Management Package

Managing diabetes just got a whole lot easier.

Cholesterol and Lipid Panel

Concerned about your heart health? Measure what matters.

Vitamin B12 Blood Test

No question this vitamin is crucial to your health, but are you getting enough of it?

Diabetes Risk (HbA1c) Test

Concerned about diabetes? This test can help.

Vitamin B12 and Folate Blood Test

Worried about anemia? Testing these two vitamins levels can help.

At-Home Kits

Colorectal Cancer Screen (At-Home Kit)

There is power in early detection—and testing doesn't always have to feel invasive.


Diabetes Risk (At-Home Kit)

Concerned about diabetes? This test can help.


Lipid Panel (At-Home Kit)

Concerned about your heart health? Measure what matters.


Lipid Panel + Diabetes Risk (At-Home Kit)

Screening matters - half of U.S. adults have one or more chronic health condition.


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