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Health & Wellness Lab Tests

Health & Wellness Lab Tests

Getting to know your numbers and overall quality of your health can help
you make more informed decisions to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Lab Tests

Women's Health Test Package

You take care of everything else—let us help you take care of you.

Men's Health Test Package

Strength, health and vitality. If it’s important to you, so are the measures that help you achieve it.

General Health Test Package

A clear view of what matters to bring your health into perspective.

Expanded Wellness Test Package

You want more from your health screening. We get it—that’s why we offer it.

Anemia Blood Test Package

Feeling sluggish? Anemia could be to blame.  

Liver Health Test Package

Learn how the body’s largest internal organ works to keep you healthy.

Thyroid Health Test Package

Concerned your thyroid isn't working correctly? Find out for sure.  

Kidney Health Test Package

Your kidneys may be small, but their function can reveal a lot about your health.

Complete Blood Count

Want a clear view of your health? It begins in your blood.

Routine Urine Analysis

Helps screen for a variety of conditions including kidney disease and diabetes

Cholesterol and Lipid Panel

Concerned about your heart health? Measure what matters.

Diabetes Risk (HbA1c) Test

Concerned about diabetes? This test can help.

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) Test

Interested in testing your hormones? Consider starting with your thyroid.

Albumin:Creatinine Ratio

Want a better understanding of your kidney health? This test is a good start.

Measles Immunity Test

Stop worrying about measles—find out if you’re protected. 

Inflammation (hs-CRP) Test

Inflammation is one of your body’s most powerful tools for fighting injury and infection.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

Your metabolism holds the key to your health.

Blood Type

There are eight different blood types—discover yours.

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