How do I use the blood collection device?

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1. When you are ready to collect your blood sample, register your kit online at:
2. Open your kit and place all the contents on a clean, dry surface.
3. Remove the red lock from the device collection port.
4. Wash your hands in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly (warm hands help bring additional blood to the fingers making it easier to collect your sample).
5. Choose the finger you want to lancet. Generally, the best site for a finger prick is on the side of the fingertip of the 3rd (middle) or 4th (ring) finger of your non-dominant hand; however your index finger and pinky will work fine too.
6. Clean the chosen location with the alcohol wipe and wait for your finger to dry.
7. To prepare the Unistik lancet, twist the pink cap 3-4 times to remove. Do not pull the cap out as that will trigger the lancet.
8. Position the lancet tip against the rounded side edge of your finger and then press down.
9. Wipe away the first drop of blood with the clean gauze pad.
10. Add blood to the device until the indicator shows full (when all three slots are red). This typically takes 4-6 large drops of blood. It’s ok to touch your finger against the collection port ridge to collect a blood drop.
11. If the Unistik lancet does not produce enough blood, try the larger BD lancet. Remove the cap from lancet and activate it by pushing it against your finger firmly.
12. Once the device is full, apply firm pressure to our finger with the gauze pad until the bleeding has stopped. Place a bandage on your finger.
13. Close the collection device and make sure it clicks to lock.
14. Place the collection device into the biohazard return bag with its moisture absorbers and seal. Dispose of all used material properly.
15. Place the biohazard return bag into the kit box. Remove the adhesive cover strip and seal the box closed.
16. Place the pre- addressed, pre- paid kit box in your mailbox for mailing back to the lab. Sample must be sent back within 24 hours of collection.

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