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We're all about people

Regardless of what our titles are, we all share the same job - to improve health and improve lives. While producing accurate testing is the result of good science, it takes more than innovation and science to do our job well. It takes people who care. We know that behind every test we perform and every result we deliver, there is a patient, family member, friend, or colleague.

Picture this: a clearer view of your health from a few drops of blood.

Every few minutes, your blood makes a round trip throughout your entire body, removing waste and delivering life-sustaining nutrients and oxygen along the way. As a result, it captures and carries with it a reflection of your body’s inner workings and functions.

Testing is like a lens that brings your health into focus.

Have a look through a microscope and you may see a whole new world you didn’t know was there. The lens gathers all the points of light and magnifies the image. Suddenly, what you couldn’t see before is clearly laid before you. Wellness testing can create a similar picture of your health by analyzing the basic elements of your blood with advanced equipment.

In the Lab:

When your sample arrives at the lab, it’s catalogued for identification and testing assignment. Then it’s loaded into an analyzer where it's separated into its component parts through several steps. Once your sample is processed and archived, a small portion is used for testing.

World-Class Lab

  • World-class leader in healthcare diagnostics
  • Roots dating back more than 100 years
  • CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified laboratories
  • Performs 1.5 million tests per day
  • Serves more than 70 million patients a year
  • Employs more than 50,000 people worldwide

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